First page of L. V. Stone's account of his family.
Laurel V. Stone became very much interested in family history late in his life. Even after suffering a stroke, he continued to correspond with relatives and researchers, sharing information and asking genealogical questions. This is the first page (after the title page) of the family history he titled "Nathaniel Stone and Descendants." Much of the information here came from the Nathaniel Stone family bible, which had been inherited by Nathaniel's son David. It should be noted that Laurel's grandfather Merrit Stone was a private, not a captain, in the War of 1812. Leaving his wife and children in Ohio, he went to Indiana to look at possible bounty land to which they could move, but he died on the trip. His family in Ohio had a very frustrating time trying to get details about his death; according to information from one source, he was killed by Indians, but another source reported that he died of illness.